Death in an ordinary day~ in the way for work

Comedy or Tragedy?
This is a small project telling the story of a heuschrecke (insekt)-trying to cross the road without knowing what is going to happen.I tryed to make a fun-make aspect of death in an ordinary day life scenario,to make a comment about people that are going to work with bus or with train and their rout gets interrupted by an accindent or a suicide in train and they get annoyed not by the fact that someone is dead , but with the fact they are going to get late in work.
So this is us, the human race , like the isekt in the street trying to pass the street and gets killed and nobody cares.Finally , the fact that this video tryed to be funny is the comment about the numbness that exists every day from the pressure to get to work or how much the tragic events have increased that nothing touches us anymore.