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"Symi Planetarium" is an interdisciplinary project that merges history, technology, and art to create an immersive experience centered around the Antikythera mechanism. It explores the cosmos and the significance of underwater discoveries, shedding light on the importance of historical artifacts found in the depths of the sea.

This project,  uses an Arduino mechanism and live NASA data to create a mechanized simulation of the Antikythera mechanism, paying homage to the history of astronomy and the enduring human fascination with the cosmos. The incorporation of the Antikythera mechanism also honors the island of Symi, where the mechanism was discovered by sponge divers from Symi in 1901. By connecting the historical and contemporary efforts to explore both the universe and the underwater world, this project offers a unique and multi-faceted perspective on human curiosity and exploration. The island of Symi has a rich history of underwater exploration, and its connection to the Antikythera mechanism is a testament to the importance of the ocean as a site of historical discovery. The discovery of the Antikythera mechanism in 1901 by a group of sponge divers highlights the role that divers play in uncovering the secrets of the ocean and the important contributions they have made to our understanding of the past. The Symi Planetarium project pays homage to the divers who explore the ocean and honors their contributions to th e field of underwater exploration.