‘’Saint Donutios’’


This projects appears with a simple donut as a symbol of eating or the symbol of pleasure. This donuts appear to be a metaphor for the people that are they consume like acomment about consumerism and how much we try to cover our needs and gaps through it.The''saint Donutios'' as appears in the screen like a divine , an angel or the light inside of it , is the main purpose of the meaning behind the fact that how- we as human beings inside internet have make gods our pleasures. The huge meaning and the expression behind of it is that -today the objects are our Gods. Human's religion today is found in his love for objects and the pleasures he derives from them. The donut, like a child's toy, shows that from a young age we rely on being rewarded with objects and games. We worship objects and pleasure like gods. Like a new religion.

The poem that appears in the video is a poem for Kavafis a Greek poet . The poet with a distinctly philosophical and persuasive mood tries to protect people from the triviality of their lives by directing them to a better world: a world of virtue, awareness, values and ideals. Kavafis wrote the poem in question in 1913, at the age of 50, and therefore we can easily conclude that the poet had the maturity to know the consequences for a person of maintaining an attitude that leads nowhere, teaches nothing and a life which is wasted and spent on meaningless things. People, especially when they are young, have dreams about the way they want to live their lives, and that, of course, is perfectly reasonable and not a bad thing at all. For most people, well-being is of great importance, even though its meaning has changed over the years. For the ancient Greeks, eu žin (the art of living well) was the highest good and meant good mental and physical health that would lead to the achievement of human happiness in the sense of bliss. It is, moreover, quite well known that Alexander the Great had said that he owed his life to his parents, but to his great teacher, Aristotle, he owed a good life. Nowadays, in many cases, the concept has been trivialized, as most people closely associate well-being with material goods.Thus human dreams have now shrunk into expensive high-horsepower cars, luxurious homes, and various comforts that are, for the most part, unnecessary. Of course, there are also those whose dreams are not so meaningless and they simply hope for good health, a peaceful family life and financial dignity.