~  project ‘Robobo’ #robotics// This is a small robot made and programmed to capture lines in the paper ‘i tried to make a robot paint for me’
materials: ~paper, ~marker ~motor ~battery ~remote control ~paper ~arduino The Arduino is a single-board microcontroller, a simple open source motherboard with a built-in microcontroller and inputs / outputs, which can be programmed in the Wiring language (essentially the C ++ programming language and a set of libraries, also implemented in C ++ ). The Arduino can be used to develop independent interactive objects but also to connect to a computer through programs in Processing, Max / MSP, Pure Data, SuperCollider. Most versions of the Arduino can be purchased pre-assembled; the diagram and hardware information are freely available for those who want to assemble the Arduino themselves. In this attempt it is important to study and research the recording of this random shape created by the robot.