~3d animation/
Finalist Best Animation Roma Prisma Awards
IFPA international forum performance arts
Official Selection ONED experimental film festival
Finalist Student Impact Festival

MetaConverstations is an art project, featuring a 11 minute video animation short that takes the form of a movie-style interview with advertisments.The project revolves around Eve,3D a striving for fame in the game art world. The video offers a glimpse into Eve's journey, exploring her passion for digital art and her ambitions to make a name for herself.

Where metahuman abilities transcend the boundaries of reality, and digital art becomes a realm of infinite possibilities. The dialogue covers topics such as the impact of metahuman technology on the art world, the exclusivity and creativity of metahuman artists, and the power of imagination in shaping the future of art.

Interspersed throughout the interview, humorous advertisements, add a touch of levity and entertainment. The project also incorporates social media elements by featuring an Instagram hashtag to engage viewers and encourage further exploration of the metahuman art world.
MetaConverstations invites viewers on a journey into the realm of digital art and metahuman creativity. It celebrates the fusion of art and technology while exploring the dreams, ambitions, and challenges faced by artists like Eve as they strive for recognition and fame.