'Hippocampus' is a short movie about genders.It has three chapters like episodes that shows three different aspects about gender.The first chapter is about the real scientific definition of gender as we can find in vikipaidia.The images showing 'woman's' leg swimming and making ''feminim''moves so that we realise the gender,if it is woman's legs or man's.These legs are ' with too many muscle' for a lady that look like a man's.Muscle is,by social clishe,a characteristic more seen to men neither women.These legs that seem more 'man' and not 'woman' are not so slim and small for society's aspects for lady legs.’If you have many muscles you look like a man,if you have slim body you look like a woman.If you shave your legs,you are a woman.’These are the very first thoughts people's come in mind,with society's clishe.These legs has got painted nails as this is a 'woman' characteristic.These legs are very muscle due to the person's lifestyle is very atheletic from a young age.But in the observer's eyes are always going to be too big or too muscle like a soccer's player legs.When a woman does sports,and dressed sporty,people thiks she is a lesbian or less 'girly'.Furthermore,showing 'man's' legs dancing showing that when a man dance society immediately thinks he's gay,or too 'feminime' for a man.A man can't dance and be a man.When a man dances he has slim feminime behavior ,like woman's leg,instead of sporty legs who plays soccer.If someone see's very hairy legs,the first thing he comes in his mind is that this is man's leg.And if a woman has any hair in her leg,she is dirty or 'trapped in an old age'.
Some thoughts from Maurice Merleau-Ponty from the book' phenomenology of perception' playing after showing the different aspects of view between objectivity and subjectivity.Furthermore,chapter number two shows a video combined by two people a 'man' and a 'woman' wearing jacket so that no body parts shown,they wearswimming goggles and swimming caps in two colous,pink and blue.The point of this aspect is that when the person gets in the water or dress or undress the things he/she transfer the other gender.This shows how people 'dress' each other in small boxes and in certain stereotypes.In the end,the last words in chapter three,when people's act is to wear the colourful caps and get ready for swimming,showing that for the first image that comes to the brain is linked with a color for each gender.For example pink is for 'girls' and blue is for 'boys'.