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Proposal for Bienalle Malta 2023

Using Cesium Techology
3D Data processing and tiling

"Echoes of Eternity: Quest for the Mystic Olive Grove

In the midst of the boundless Mediterranean expanse lies a land shrouded in the tapestry of time – Malta. A realm that has borne witness to the echoes of countless ages, each layer of history etched upon its shores and steeped within its stones. "Echoes of Eternity: Quest for the Mystic Olive Grove" beckons to traverse the corridors of history, blending the ancient with the contemporary, and inviting participants to embark on a profound journey of unity, diversity, and introspection. This ambitious venture converges the ancient history of Malta with the visionary possibilities of modern technology. Through the medium of a cutting-edge 3D video game, realized as an immersive first-person experience within a virtual realm, participants are granted the privilege to traverse Malta's millennia-spanning narrative.

The synthesis of Virtual Reality (VR) and meticulous photogrammetry translates the physicality of Malta's landscape into a digital tapestry – an ethereal world where the past intertwines with the present. Guided by the biennale's theme of "White Sea Olive Groves," our artistic odyssey seeks to submerge participants into the very essence of this paradigm. With the Mystic Olive Grove as the symbolic heart, the game mirrors Malta's enduring narrative. From the megalithic mysteries of antiquity to the crossroads of cultures that have shaped its identity, each step uncovers the interwoven threads of unity that persist throughout time's relentless passage. In an era rife with tumultuous ideologies, "Echoes of Eternity" stands as an antidote – a digital sanctum where participants confront the echoes of division and embrace the harmonious symphony of diversity.

The olive branch, an eternal emblem of peace, transcends temporal confines, rendering an immersive sanctuary of tranquility within the digital expanse. With the visage of a VR helmet and the pulse of simulation, participants step into this living canvas, immersing themselves within an ageless landscape, guided by the undertones of a shared humanity. As participants tread upon Malta's storied earth, they experience history as a palimpsest, where the narratives of Phoenicians, Romans, Knights, and myriad civilizations intertwine, echoing their collective aspirations for unity and shared existence. The journey culminates in the mystical embrace of the Olive Grove – a testament to the enduring pursuit of harmony and understanding.

The immersive experience instills within participants a profound reflection on the resonance of unity throughout the ages and a contemplative moment to ponder their role in shaping the future narrative. "Echoes of Eternity: Quest for the Mystic Olive Grove" transcends the realms of conventional art, becoming a conduit that traverses history, culture, and technology. By inviting participants to bridge temporal chasms and celebrate unity, it crystallizes the essence of the biennale's theme, inviting a global audience to share in the voyage towards enlightenment and harmony. In the embrace of this digital realm, ancient stones breathe, timeless echoes reverberate, and the boundless ocean of unity beckons. The journey is ours to partake, for within Malta's embrace, the mystic olive groves whisper the secrets of eternity.

As participants traverse the expanse of this meticulously crafted world, the boundaries between reality and simulation blur, allowing for an introspective communion with the island's heritage. The VR helmet becomes a vessel, transporting participants beyond the constraints of time and space. With each step, history is not just observed but experienced – a symphony of ages converging in a harmonious crescendo. The virtual Mystic Olive Grove stands not merely as an arboreal icon, but as a testament to the resilience of life, culture, and unity. It intertwines the threads of ancient groves with the azure embrace of the Mediterranean, mirroring the biennale's call to formulate new narratives. The olive branches in hand, plucked from the continuum of ancient olive groves, become the conduits of the game's overarching philosophy – a resounding hymn to the universe, sung by every soul that walks this digital terrain.

"Echoes of Eternity" is more than an artistic endeavor; it is a bridge between epochs, a reminder that beneath the veneer of time's passage lies the enduring human quest for connection. The ancient narratives, interwoven with modern technology, invite us to step beyond the confines of our era, to partake in a conversation with history. This immersive experience challenges us to confront the divisive forces of our world, embracing instead the melody of cultures united. Guided by the beacon of the Mystic Olive Grove, participants are prompted to explore not only the corners of a virtual world but the depths of their own perceptions. In traversing the pathways of history and the limitless reaches of imagination, they become co-authors of a tale that bridges epochs and unites the aspirations of generations. "Echoes of Eternity: Quest for the Mystic Olive Grove" redefines the intersection of art, philosophy, and technology. As the VR helmet immerses us in a world crafted from the fabric of Malta's essence, we are called to reflect upon the recurring motifs of unity, diversity, and the unyielding pursuit of peace. It is a synthesis that exemplifies the biennale's vision – an initiative that challenges the boundaries of artistic expression while fostering a dialogue that transcends time, culture, and creed.

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As participants unplug from the digital reverie, they carry with them more than the memories of a virtual journey. They emerge as ambassadors of unity, carrying the resonances of Malta's past into the unfolding chapters of the present and future. "Echoes of Eternity" is an immersive reminder that within the interconnected narrative of humanity, the olive branches of unity, art, and philosophy flourish eternally, challenging us to rethink our global mindset and forge new pathways of harmony. Within the immersive expanse of the circular chamber, a convergence of history, technology, and human experience takes form. The labyrinthine narratives of Malta's past are woven into the very fabric of the space – projected onto the encircling walls, they engulf the room with the echoes of ages past. This monumental installation transforms the conventional exhibition space into a portal, a threshold that beckons participants to step into the heart of the experience.

The cinematic chairs await, arranged in concentric circles, embracing the participants as they prepare to embark on their odyssey. VR headsets and joysticks are poised, waiting to transport each individual into the vibrant realm that awaits their exploration. In this communal setting, the solitary journey becomes a collective pilgrimage, a shared venture into the cradle of history and imagination. The fusion of senses is made complete through the symphony of sound that envelopes the chamber – a carefully curated auditory tapestry that guides participants' emotions as they traverse Malta's story. With every step, every interaction, the immersive soundscape adds depth and dimension, resonating within the minds of those present, both participants and observers. But this chamber is more than a vessel of technology; it is a conduit for connectivity.

The boundless potential of projection enables observers to peer into the participant's virtual realm, uniting individual experiences into a cohesive tapestry of exploration. As the participants navigate through the digital vista, the observers witness their journey, forming a harmonious dance of perspectives. Here, within this room that bridges epochs, the themes of unity, diversity, and peace are amplified. The circularity of the chamber mirrors the continuity of history, reminding us that as we venture forth into the digital realm, we are, in essence, stepping into a shared human narrative that transcends time's grasp. As participants don the VR headset, they are not merely participants but explorers of a shifting landscape that mirrors Malta's past and present. With each movement of the joystick, they steer the course of their experience, navigating a virtual world composed of tangible memories and imagined vistas. And so, within this immersive theater, the participant's voyage becomes an embodiment of the biennale's themes – a convergence of art, philosophy, and technology that propels the narrative forward. Just as Malta's history embraces diverse cultures and narratives, this space welcomes a diverse audience, inviting them to partake in a communal pilgrimage of unity and reflection. As the light of the projector melds with the shadows of the circular chamber, the boundaries between reality and the digital realm blur. "Echoes of Eternity: Quest for the Mystic Olive Grove" becomes more than a game – it is a voyage, a pilgrimage, a testament to the enduring power of art to transcend barriers and weave stories that resound through eternity.